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Photonics for International Markets & Applications for Sustainability

The project offers open calls to enable the development and introduction of photonics and photonics-enabled technologies for a sustainable industry within the metal industry, advanced manufacturing industry and the aerospace industry. The offers include both vouchers and competence development opportunities.

Green and digital transition

PIMAP4Sustainability brings together 6 leading European clusters, their SMEs and their industrial ecosystems in the fields of photonics, advanced manufacturing technologies, metalworking and aerospace industries to leverage the development and adoption of photonics and photonics-enabled technologies along the value chain to boost the innovation potential, as well as the twin transition of European SMEs, through a comprehensive package of services and financial mechanism, and maximize their resiliency.

PIMAP4Sustainability project aims to increase the resiliency of European SMEs by providing them a direct access to photonics and advanced manufacturing technologies (KETs), recognized as enabling the twin transition and boosting the innovation potential. The trasition will be enabled by photonic solutions.

European SMEs need continued support for their green, digital transformation. Specific manufacturing industries need continued digital development with the help of photonics solutions and PIMAP4Sustainability addresses such opportunities for the metal industry, advanced manufacturing industry and space industry.

Current funding opportunity

Now your company can speed up your digital transformation by applying for the "Innovation Open Call", a call where a maximum of 13 projects will be awarded approx. 60 000€ each to develop prototypes, test innovative solutions on end-user facilities, validate technologies or other activities connected to the development of innovative projects. Read more and apply before 31 May 2023.

Vouchers for transformation

PIMAP4Sustainability offers a uniquely comprehensive package of services and financial mechanisms dedicated to establishing European innovation projects, supporting the skilling and reskilling of the workforce in critical innovative areas, and maximizing the international opportunities for the SMEs.The project offers two kinds of vouchers;

Innovation voucher

Up to 60 k Euro for projects aiming at :

  • Develop New to firms products/services
  • Services identification on business process innovation tied to technological adoption leading to higher sustainability or digitalisation.

Knowledge voucher

Aim to train SMEs to Green transitions and support them to develop their business at the international level through 2 vouchers.

  • 5K euros voucher for Green Transition
  • 10K euros voucher for supporting International business development.

Specific objectives

  • To boost the resilience of SMEs through the adoption of photonics technologies, services and products in key industrial sectors
  • To deepen cross-sectoral innovation collaboration between the key stakeholders along the photonics value chain at EU level
  • To maximise the innovation potential of photonics technologies for SMEs by providing skilling & reskilling services
  • To accelerate SME internationalisation through business mission organisation and connection with existing partners

Long term impacts (about six years after the project end)

PIMAP4Sustainability will support the long-term resilience of European Industries through the 1) Establishment of value chains interlinkages between the 14 industrial ecosystems; 2) Full awareness and dissemination about photonics enabled-solutions; 4) photonics funding included in regional, national and European policies and 5) PIMAP4Sustainability Eurocluster’s strategy adjusted to ensure the achievement of the EC 2050 targets regarding Climate & Environment.

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Project name




RISE role in project

Project Manager

Project start


2 years

Total budget

1,4 million €


Produtech, Czech Aerospace Cluster, AFIL, Propell , RISE, Photonics Finland


EU - Single Market Programme , Euro Clusters


Project members

Stina Jonsson

Contact person

Stina Jonsson

Senior Projektledare

+46 76 101 14 46

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