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NextBioForm: Centre for formulation and processing of biologics

Biological drugs are excellent therapies, but sensitive and often difficult drug products. It is often hard to create stable formulations, which means that the drug must be kept cooled, which limits the patient's everyday life. NextBioForm aims to build knowledge, methods and capabilities to support development better biological drugs products.

NextBioForm is a centre for competence development, innovation and development of formulations and process technologies for biologically based pharmaceuticals. In this project, RISE works together with partners from both industry and academia with the aim of creating knowledge and methods that are needed to develop medicines that are easier for the patient to use, and thereby improve quality of life.

The goal is to become an internationally leading centre in this area. The centre works on developing technology to be able to measure the stability of various approaches, investigates what triggers destabilisation and develops new formulation platforms. NextBioForm is operated in active collaboration, which offers a platform where several methodologies and techniques can be verified against each other through studies with well-known proteins.


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Region Stockholm

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6 years


Lund Universitet, Malmö Universitet, MAX IV, Akademiska Sjukhuset i Uppsala, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB, BioGaia AB, Regenics AS, Ilya Pharma AB, Spiber Technologies AB, Ferring Pharmaceuticals AB, Vironova AB, Solve Research and Consultancy AB, CR Competence AB, SARomics, ENZA Biotech, Sofus Regulatory Affairs AB, Biogardia AB



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3. Good health and well-being
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