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Objektiv bedömning av upplevda belysningsegenskaper

Lighting communication with focus on perception and energy

How can we talk about light for everyone to understand? A common language would facilitate light planning and promote energy-efficient and comfortable light environments. Methods are developed to measure experienced lighting properties and the knowledge is translated into tools that support communication about light between different stakeholders.

Aim and goal

Perceptual Metrics aims to promote energy-efficient light environments that are also comfortable.


Sweden is facing a shift towards more energy efficient lighting and the potential for energy savings is high. However, modern energy-efficient lighting sometimes causes reduced comfort. One reason may be the difficulty of communicating about light quality. Today, conventional measures such as luminance, illuminance and colour temperature are used, but they only describe a limited part of the light experience. Visual properties should be included as well, but both concepts, knowledge and tools are lacking.


Within Perceptual Metrics, RISE and LTH develop two different methods for measuring the human experience of lighting. In collaboration with companies from the lighting and real-estate industries, the concept of ‘light quality’ is extended and tools that support communication between different stakeholders are developed. The goal is a greater focus on perceived light quality and to develop a common language about light for different stakeholders involved in lighting design and procurement.


A common language for describing light is expected to increase understanding between e.g. lighting designers, real-estate companies, suppliers and installers. The deviation between expectation and final light environment reduces and the acceptance for energy-efficient solutions increases. Thus, the project contributes to efficient use of energy, comfort and well-being.


Project name

Perceptual Metrics for Lighting Design



RISE role in project

Project manager and participant

Project start


Ends 2018-10-31

Total budget

4 889 000 SEK


Lunds Universitet, Högskolan i Kristianstad, Representatives from the Swedish lighting industry and professional customers, including e.g. Fox Design, Philips Lighting Sweden, Ljusrum, Annell Ljus + Form, ÅF-Infrastructure, Thorn Lighting, Akademiska Hus.


The Swedish Energy Agency, Bertil och Britt Svenssons stiftelse för belysningsteknik

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action