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Image showcasing sustainable wood biocomposite panels with piezoelectric properties and their application in digital technologie
Photo: Image generated by DALL·E, an AI by OpenAI, for the project DigiWood.

Delignified Wood Biocomposites for Digitalization

Smart wood biocomposites for digitalization and sensor applications.

The design of novel eco-friendly material solutions for digital technologies is important for sustainable development. Sustainable piezoelectric generators are attractive for a wide range of applications in electronic devices and sensors requiring a low power supply. Piezoelectric generators can efficiently gather mechanical energy generated in response to applied mechanical stresses and convert it into electricity via the piezoelectric effect. However, piezoelectric materials have limited application due to their high cost, brittle properties, and toxicity. 

This research project aimed to develop the next generation of smart wood biocomposite panels for digitalization and sensor applications by adding a piezoelectric function to wood. Bulk wood in the form of veneer with in-plane fiber alignment is an attractive eco-friendly material for piezoelectric applications because of the combination of its low-cost, lightweight, robustness, and intrinsic cellulose piezoelectric properties. In this project, we explored novel and scalable wood-based material solutions for digitalization via the design of delignified wood biocomposites with embedded piezoelectric additives.

The produced wood biocomposites could serve directly as integrated panels for smart dashboards in the automotive industry, sustainable flooring in smart buildings and wearable electronic devices for human motion monitoring, thereby extending the application range of wood-based materials to new modern areas and industries.


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1 year


Södra Skogsägarnas Stiftelse för Forskning

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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
Céline Montanari

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Céline Montanari


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