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Position, Navigation and Time

<p>Technology development in the society is progressing faster. Determination of position, navigation and time is part of daily life regardless of whether one buys a bus ticket, purchase food, communicates via mobile phone or navigate. In order for these functions to function faultlessly, there must be a tracible distribution of PNT.</p>

Positioning, navigation and time is a basic prerequisite for the development that takes place in active security, the power supply industry, the financial market, but also in challenging environments such as the forest and mining industry. Specific bets are:

  • High precision measurements with GNSS
  • Avoidance of vehicle collisions by positioning and communication
  • Active safety for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists
  • Indoor positioning
  • Synchronization services for the power supply industry
  • Authenticated time services to the financial market

One big challenge is to know that the information is correct and that it can be trusted with current synchronization, time and position. What are the alternative systems that can increase redundancy?

RISE always creates added value for you as a customer and we offer ranges from evaluating / resolving a sub-element to taking an overall commitment of a problem set regardless of the level of complexity regarding time, frequency, synchronization and positioning. RISE has long and solid experience of researching / developing PNT systems both internationally and nationally.

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Sven-Christian Ebenhag

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