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Recycling of Glass

Glass exists in large variations of different material compositions that gives the material different properties. A glass product can be recycled infinite number of times. To make this possible the handling of the glass needs to be considered: among other things, identifying different glass types, the quality of the glass and impurities.


At RISE we can support the evaluation of different material types included in a glass composition, develop new techniques for glass recycling and reuse. We can also help you to make your produkt more environment friendly.


There are a lot of questions needing answers to improve the handling of glass and waste glass. Some of the questions for the manufacturers are:
What can the waste product of glass be used as?
How can we improve the handling of the waste?
How can the environmental effects improve?

RISE offer

RISE can assist in identifying techniques or equipment, evaluate products or creating new business models, for example to create a better control of the waste products.


RISE offers the possibility to improve the environment friendly handling of glass for your industry while the economic aspects are taken account of.

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