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Industrial emission measurements

Increased knowledge about the emissions from an industrial process is essential to decrease environmental impact The measurement results can be used to select the correct action or to demonstrate the impact from an already implemented action. Data from an independent party such as RISE can also be used when applying for environmental permits.


We offer help with combustion related measurements and investigations to energy companies and in industrial processes to follow current and future emission legislations. RISE has a long experience from working with emissions from various industrial processes and offers measurements of several parameters that can be used to characterise combustion processes or other industrial applications.

Our long experience from various research projects within the field of combustion engineering give us experience from special measurement techniques and unique competence that can be used to interpret the results and answer your specific questions.

RISE offers field measurements of for example:

  • Flue gas composition standard (CO, CO2, O2, NOx, SOx, THC etc.)
  • Flue gas composition special (PAH, NH3, N2O, HCl etc.) 
  • Total dust (PM) or particle size distribution (PM10, PM2.5 eller PM0.1)
  • Online measurement of particle size distribution or offline measurement with chemical characterization of the particles 
  • Flow measurements
  • Temperature measurements 
  • Bed sampling and analysis 
  • Ash sampling and analysis

The measurement results are typically delivered in form of a report where all data and methods are described, and references to relevant standard methods are given.


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