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VDA19 training

Technical Cleanliness according to VDA 19.1 and VDA 19.2

RISE is offering the training in collaboration with the renowned lecturer Dr.-Ing. Markus Rochowicz from Fraunhofer IPA. The training is for 1.5 days and the lectures will be held in English. The number of participants is limited to 20.


This training enables the participants to understand cleanliness analyses according to VDA 19.1. The background for technical cleanliness inspections, inspired on real industrial necessities, and the best cleanliness practices are explained. It also qualifies the participants to determine and evaluate actions to prevent re-contamination, based on the cleanliness specification of parts and systems.

VDA 19.2, day 2, explains how to divide the extensive cleanliness practices implementation into compact and manageable individual parts. It gives clear directives on how to manage external influences from the environment, logistic, personnel and assembly, enabling participants to address technical cleanliness in manufacturing sites independently and systematically.

Target Audience

This training is indicated for anyone confronted with technical cleanliness as a quality control factor in their daily work, especially in the automotive sector and the whole supply chain: construction, quality assurance, technical purchasing and sales. The course is designed for personnel dealing with planning and optimizing production, especially assembly planners and process owners of existing assemblies, logistics experts or facility managers. Due to the similar cleanliness requirements in the sectors aerospace, hydraulics and precision engineering, this training is also suitable for personnel from these backgrounds.


SEK 15 000 SEK. The price includes documentation, Certificate of Attendance from Fraunhofer IPA, lunch both days and dinner on day 1. All fees are excl VAT

Members of Centrum för Renhet (CFR) receives a discounted price; SEK 13 500 by entering the code "CFR" in the registration.

Other information

The participants book and pay for any accommodation themselves. We will be having dinner close to the venue day 1.

We are currently experiencing problems with the display of dates and times in the light green info box on the right. The course times are 09.00-16.30 day 1 and 08.30-13.00 day 2, incl. lunch. See Programme below.


24-25 september 2024 - Mölndal
Argongatan 30 Mölndal Sweden
24 Sep 2024 - 25 Sep 2024
15000 SEK (excluding VAT)
Markus Rochowicz

Markus Rochowicz

Dr-Ing., Fraunhofer IPA

Dr-Ing. Markus Rochowicz works as group manager for cleanliness technology in the department of ultrapure production and micro manufacturing at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart since 2008.

He is responsible for the development of the so-called Technical Cleanliness as an analysis, consulting and training service of the institute. The current standards for Technical Cleanliness VDA 19 parts 1 and 2 as well as ISO 16232 were developed under his direction.


Day 1: 09.00-16.30 + dinner at 18.30
Day 2: 08.30-13.00, including lunch at 12.00
Detailed programme, see the Agenda below.

Agenda (pdf, 84.33 KB)

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