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Naval architecture and systems engineering

With naval architecture and project management services, RISE supports shipowners through the life cycle of the vessel. Using a systematic, scientific, and holistic approach to ship design combined with a vast knowledge and experience within the naval architecture domain, it gives us the ability to support your plans or development project to reach their full potential.

Decision support

The overall cost and performance of a ship or a system of ships during its lifetime is governed by early decisions. RISE is dedicated to ensuring that the decision making is based on best knowledge available with respect to the concept of operation, design and development of a ship or a system of ships.

The life cycle of a ship

RISE offers naval architecture services through the life cycle of a ship, system of ships or related systems.


Our services include feasibility studies, ship design (primarily through concept development, outline design and tender design), technical specification for procurement, project management and procurement support. We can also offer you design review, production follow-up (on-site), technical investigations and structural design of complex objects.


RISE has a dedicated team of naval architects and marine engineers and specialists within the domains of structure, stability, hydrodynamics, propulsion, electrical and more.

As a complement we are also specialized in project management, public procurement, military systems, systems engineering and green design and alternative fuels .


The basis of our design expertise is ship technology, to which we add knowledge of surrounding infrastructure, fuel and maintenance and management issues, all in order to be able to design optimized systems.


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