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Maritime environment, risk and operation

By combining technical and operational knowledge and expertise, RISE reduce risks, costs and environmental impact for safe, resilient, and efficient maritime operation. We contribute with stability and predictability.



Reducing the environmental impact of shipping and other types of maritime operation requires not just one solution but many, often in cooperation. RISE provides unbiased analysis and advisory services, ensuring that your decisions are based on the best available knowledge and data, taking your special circumstances into account.


Based on acknowledged standards and guidelines in combination with elaborated tools and genuine knowledge, RISE offers risk analysis which enables a transparent process in risk identification and mitigating measures, whether the needs is for a permit process or as support in decision making.


Elaborated maritime operations is key to deliver commercially viable, safe, efficient, and resilient services. RISE support to your needs is based upon both a general and an in depth understanding of maritime operation based on our expertise, core data, big data analysis and simulations.

Offshore Wind - RISE as a service partner

RISE has been commercially active towards the offshore wind sector for decades. During the years we have gatherered knowledge and expertise to support clients in all stages from pre-feasibility and nautical risk analysis to decommissioning and recycling.

Our experts can work independently or be a valuable part in project teams.

• Pre-development and consenting • Production and acquisition 

• Installation and commissioning • Operation and maintenance 

• Decomissioning


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