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New communication channel for cybersecurity

03 February 2023, 16:26

RISE launches a new communication channel for cybersecurity on LinkedIn—Cybersecurity at RISE. The purpose is a niche platform for discussion and collaboration in the cybersecurity area, for increased competence and acceleration of innovations in cybersecurity. The center is a neutral, national actor that supports industry and the public sector.

In the new communication channel Cybersecurity at RISE on LinkedIn, RISE Center for Cybersecurity will offer news, research, highlight new services, courses, and events — as well as engage and support an increased cybersecurity mindset!

RISE has broad expertise in cybersecurity that includes both technical and human aspects, and offers knowledge in certification of management systems, standardization, IoT security, cloud security, software security, secure AI, and knowledge of how people react in different situations.

The center also operates the virtual environment Cyber Range where both industry and the public sector can test systems, find solutions, and develop skills. In many areas, RISE is a leader in Europe and runs Swedish node for accelerating innovation and research in cybersecurity.

Welcome to follow us (the LinkedIn channel is operated in Swedish):äkerhet-på-rise
Latest news from the center: Center for Cybersecurity - news | RISE


Kim Elman

Kim Elman

Chef, Centrum för cybersäkerhet

+46 10 228 46 20

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