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Are you ready for the next move in Cybersecurity?

26 January 2023, 09:40

If you have played chess, you know how important it is to have a strategy to avoid checkmate. In the same way it is important to have a strategy when it comes to Cybersecurity, as the cyberattacks are increasing globally. One way of doing that is to simulate realistic attacks in the test bed for cybersecurity, Cyber Range, managed by RISE.

Are your strategy ready? Stock Photo: Pixabay

According to the Swedish report Cyber threats against Sweden (RISE, 2022), cyberattacks are increasing both globally and in Sweden. A motive can be to disturb critically infrastructures in the society, which can cause serious consequences.

How can we prepare ourselves to handle cyberattacks and can we simulate them? Whether you work in an environment with a critical infrastructure, a startup with a patented idea, or a business with high security requirements, there is a good idea to think one step in advance, practice and test strategies to be more prepared for cyberattacks. One method is to build twin scenarios, where you can realistically simulate scenarios in environments similar to your own. In training sessions, you will learn how to identify weaknesses, prevent, and handle different situations.

“Realistic scenarios and environments are very important when you test the different parts of the organizations resilience against cyberattacks. This is a way to visualize the progress of an attack to make it easier for management and as a basis for good decision making. For the technicians and operators, it is important that the exercise and the insights are applicable in day-to-day business. Therefore, we build type environments as digital twins or cousins and integrate them in our courses at Cyber Range”, says Kim Elman, leader of the Cybersecurity Center at RISE.

The Cyber Range test bed is a business run by RISE, where you can build a controlled virtual environment, and try methods to build safe and secure IT-systems. You will get support and advice on the way to a safer business—ready to avoid checkmate!

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In this video you will find more information about the test bed Cyber Range.
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Kim Elman

Chef, Centrum för cybersäkerhet

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