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RISE Video: Cybersecurity in smart vehicles

Want to know more about cybersecurity? In this video series RISE focus on a number of research areas where we work to address cybersecurity challenges.




How do we protect autonomous vehicles against cyberattacks?

Within 5–10 years we can expect to see fully self-driving vechicles on our roads, which means that all aspects of the driving function has been replaced and automated. CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) is a self-driving vehicle which shares data in a digital ecosystem made up of devices both inside and outside the vehicles. Information can be shared between vehicles, traffic systems as well as other connected devices.

The road safety and traffic benefits of this development are great, but it also presents us with new challenges and risks. How to we protect our connected autonomous vehicles against cyberattacks? In the video Cybersecurity in smart vehicles RISE researcher Simon Bouget tell us more.

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Simon Bouget

Senior Researcher

+46 10 228 43 90

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