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Cybersecurity is a combination of strategies, techniques and processes with the purpose of protecting information systems and networks online.

RISE conducts research witihin several applications of cybersecurity. Here you can find information about some of them.

Cybersecurity in Smart Vehicles

How to we protect our connected autonomous vehicles against cyberattacks? Video: Cybersecurity in smart vehicles | RISE

Cybersecurity for Internet of Things (IoT)

How can we protect IoT from malicious threats. Video: Cybersecurity for IoT | RISE

Cybersecurity and AI

Learn more about why AI must go hand-in-hand with cybersecurity. Video: Cybersecurity and AI | RISE

Cybersecurity Certification

Certification as a protection against cyberattacks? Video: Cybersecurity Certification | RISE

Cybersecurtiy in the Future Energy System

As the energy sytem becomes increasingly digitialized it is essential that it is resilient to withstand cyberattacks. Video: Cybersecurtiy in the Future Energy System | RISE

Cybersecurity Economics

What is cybersecurity economics and why can it have a great impact when making strategic business decisions? Video: Cybersecurity Economics | RISE

Information Resilience within Mobility

We need to be more aware of where and how information can be misused within connected systems. Video: Information Resilience within Mobility | RISE

Kim Elman

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Kim Elman

Chef, Centrum för cybersäkerhet

+46 10 228 46 20

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