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Cybersecurity important in Digital Infrastructure for Renewable Energy - RISE participates in discussions

11 June 2023, 19:09

The energy system of the future will consist of an interconnected digital infrastructure of renewable energy sources, where cybersecurity will be extremely important. Something that was discussed at the “Renewable Energy Cybersecurity Forum” conference, 6-7 June. The Centre for Cybersecurity at RISE was represented in the discussions, on site in Berlin.

Professor Shahid Raza

Distributed production and distribution of energy will require interconnections not only between renewable energy sources and systems, but also between other sectors such as finance, vehicles, and smart homes. Cybersecurity will be very important in such a digital infrastructure with interconnected IoT/OT devices, networks, computing edges, and clouds, as well as the processing and storage of sensitive and personal data.

At the global conference "Renewable Energy Cybersecurity Forum" organized by LeadVent in Berlin on 6-7 June, the aim was to prepare companies and energy suppliers for the management of cybersecurity risks in the future.

“We at RISE were there to provide an eye-opener on vulnerabilities regarding renewable energy sources, but also solutions. We have fantastic expertise within RISE when it comes to cybersecurity, and I hope we conveyed that," says Professor Shahid Raza, Director of Cybersecurity Unit at RISE.

How can RISE help?

RISE has research expertise, training for developers and management teams, and a virtual test bed for cyber security — Cyber Range. Resources that are important for meeting the challenges and securing a complex, digital infrastructure for renewable energy.

Shahid Raza

Shahid Raza


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