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Projects at ICE Datacenter

Part of the ICE mission is functioning as a driver and a resource for publicly funded research projects, both on a national and international level.

These projects are conducted in close cooperation with our industrial partners as well as academia, and play an important role in securing our forefront position in sustainable and efficient datacenter solutions, cloud applications and data analysis.

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Arctiq Data Center

ArctiqDC aims to strengthen the regional data centre industry's products, services, solutions and offerings to customers (parties) outside the region, nationally or internationally.

Swedish Space Data Lab (ext)

The National Swedish Space Agency and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden extend their co-operation activities with the common goal to expand the Swedish Space Data Lab for the benefit of the Society. This project is the initial pr…

Data Center for Greenhouse farming

We want to investigate the technical and socio-economic conditions for using waste heat from data centers for year-round cultivation in the sub-Arctic climate. In this way, create a more sustainable society where waste heat is use…

ICE Edge

ICE Edge aims to develop a concept and prototype of a new type of sustainable, energy and computationally efficient platform to provide edge capacity for e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. It consists of both hardware…

Data center Microgrid Interaction with local power grid

By smart use of solar cells, battery storage and cooling storage, there are opportunities to control a data center's power usage, and by that act as a power balancer and help to strengthen the local electricity grid. The batt…

Data-driven lab at ICE

The D-ICE project, Data-driven Lab at ICE, aims to establish an environment / arena for data-driven innovation based on competence, tools and compute power within RISE. The intention is to improve the prerequisites for industry an…

Baltic Large-Scale Computing

Technology creators, business development organizations and science parks from 8 European countries are working on developing a large-scale computing (LSC) environment where non-IT users and IT developers can cooperate for free on…

Swedish Space Data Lab

The objective of the Swedish Space Data Lab is to increase the use of data from space for the development of society and industry and for the good of the planet. Swedish Space Data Lab, is a collaboration project between AI Innova…