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Partner programme for ICE Datacenter, RISE

RISE ICE offers a partner programme that provides an extended opportunity to take part in our work.


ICE Datacenter at RISE offers a partner programme that gives companies and organisations the opportunity to take part in our work through research and innovation projects. With our partner programme, you can benefit from in-depth results, data and resources at an early stage. The programme is divided into three membership levels to suit different needs and interests. Welcome to join our Partner Programme and take part in our extensive work in data centre research and innovation.

The Partner Programme is divided into three levels of membership:




A membership in the partnering program includes:

  • Access to a static open research database. Data produced for partner in the program, accessed via ftp download from data storage or as a Kafka stream. A published data structure and test control of modules available to meet needs.
  • Flexibility available for the project man hours distribution enabling focused work or support of short work sprints. Agreed in collaboration and specified in project description.
  • Some flexibility also between work hours and data available. Half of the project work can be exchanged to data.
  • Guided tour in the research facility.
  • Templates for project description and test data definition.


As a member of the partnering program you will gain access to results and data covering for example:

• Study of air flow in servers

• Deep learning model development

• Load balancing trials

• Test of cooling equipment

• Test run in 5G edge test-bed

• General OCP lab measurements

• BTDC pilot test week

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