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ICE Datacenter - Gold

Membership level Gold allows easy and early access to data, results and follow-ups.

  • Two webinars annually with presentation from ongoing projects. One webinar is with others in the partnering program. The other webinar is specific for the company (easy access).
  • Access to experts for short workshops/meetings on specific topics (early and easy access).
  • Quarterly membership follow-ups with partner, ongoing and planned projects (early access).
  • A package of all publicly available output (e.g., data, reports, presentation and papers) produced for one year (easy access).
  • Two months of work by a junior researcher/engineer supervised by a senior scientist. Project  work is specified in collaboration (innovation).
  • Four weeks of data from a requested module (module 1-4, wind tunnels, edge, LCT and other future testbeds) (easy access).
  • A master thesis/student 5 months project supervised by a senior researcher. Project  work is specified in collaboration (innovation).
  • A front place for a partner roll-up (visibility).
  • Logo placed on the partner list on web site and on a partnering program screen (visibility).