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Hybrid electronics - prototyping

We help inventors and multinational industries with prototyping in flexible electronics.


Flexible electronics encompasses all materials which are flexible, stretchable, thin -  such as PET, leather, paper, TPU and more. Conventional electronics is typically mounted on rigid PCBs, which hold certain design limitations. To create smaller, smarter, lighter and more ecofriendly systems we use printing as a manufacturing methodology to create electronic and iontronic systems. By combining integrated circuits with flexible substrates we get the best of two worlds: hybrid electronics.

We support both inventors and industrial clients:

  • FTO (Freedom to Operate)
  • Market studies
  • Design and electronic design
  • Soft- and hardware design and selection
  • Printing
  • Integration
  • Material selection
  • Integration
  • System design
  • Prototyping
  • Small series production to verify scalability
  • Lighter
  • Smaller
  • Low power circuits and systems
  • Eco-friendly
  • New form factors
  • Possibility to trial in small scale
  • Using leading scientists
  • Advanced Open Labs - we operate a state-of-the-art facility (Printed Electronics Arena, PEA) which is the hub in the Swedish Innovation Cluster in Printed electronics


All we do is aimed at industrial scaling. We use multiple production methods such as screenprinting, inkjetting and offset printing and in our labs we have several ways to cure, dry and analyse results. Furthermore we can mount integrated circuits and chips onto flexible substrates.

We print antennas, diodes, transistors, sensors and displays and when additional computational power is needed we combine silicone based chips with printed components.


Anything from single prototypes to small series (<50.000 units). 

Components which we typically manufacture:

  • Passive humidity sensors
  • Piezo sensitive materials and sensors
  • Electrochromic displays (RISE ECD)
  • Electrochemical Transistors, organic (OECT (Organic Electronic Chemical Transistors)
  • Test series for novel inks, electrolytes and dielectrica
  • Biosensors (UV, glucose and several more in confidential projects)

More information

Hybrid electronics - chipmounting on flex with anisotropic adhesives
Photo: Björn Norberg
Chipmounting on flex substrates - hybrid electronics
Stretchable electronics with mounted LEDs to indicate health status
Photo: Roman Lassnig
Stretchable substrate with mounted LEDs to indicate health status - heart rate and other markers, and if an ion pump is activated.

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Prototyping and pilot production in flexible and hybrid electronics

Innovation area

Additive manufacturing, Digital health, Electronics, Climate neutral industry, Innovation support, Material transition, Medical devices, Sensors and sensor systems


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Björn Norberg

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Björn Norberg

Forsknings- och affärsutvecklare

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Peter Dyreklev

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Peter Dyreklev


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