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WEDVISI: Revolutionizing Welding with Cognitive Support

WELDVISI is a project bringing in innovative technologies and sustainable manufacturing practices into the welding industry. 

WELDVISI is a Vinnova financed project, part of Produktion 2030 (Call Nr 15 2022), with focus on leveraging smart sensor technology and advanced visualization techniques to create a cognitive support system (CSS) that transforms manual welding processes. The aim is to use VR/XR technologies, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology for both enhancing the understanding of the work and accurate tracking of the welder's movements and tool positioning, ensuring precise feedback and guidance. These insights are then visually relayed to the operators through an in-helmet display, empowering them with immediate knowledge to refine their craft, reduce errors, and documentation efforts. 

Additional unique approach feature is the usage of parameters such as welding gun angles, speed, and the critical stick-out distance, which gives extra control possibilities as well as heralds a new era of quality assurance in manual welding and provides unique learning tool across all skill levels. 

The project has huge potential given the 25,000 full-time manual welders jobs in Sweden and additional 200,000 who engage in welding as part of their manufacturing roles. Furthermore, the project’s focus on gender equality and attracting a diverse workforce into manufacturing underscores its commitment to broader societal progress. WELDVISI addresses P2030 Challenge area 4 by supporting the operator in the production system by cognitive support, areas 3 and 1 are also partly addressed as well as UN Sustainable Development Goals No: 8, 9, and 12.

The WELDVISI consortium brings together a diverse mix of 12 partners - manufacturing companies, educational institutions, and research bodies - among which Swerim, Maskinarbeten, Toyota Material Handling Europe, Winteria, Väderstad, Skyllberg Industri etc. 


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Abdulrahman Kanaa

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