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OffshoreVäst is a national consortium consisting of 70 companies, universities, institutes and other organizations cooperating to strengthen the Swedish offshorebased industry. Through successful collaboration, we are creating development and  innovations in the sector.

The consortium is “owned” by its members and has been financed by Region Västra Götaland and for the start up also by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova.

The main objective of OffshoreVäst, is the development of industry segments in the offshore sector where Sweden is internationally recognized due to its strong R&D environments, its innovation ability, its expertise and its high level of competition. OffshoreVäst leads the way by creating jobs, supporting the green energy transition and offering international cooperation. Our work is focused on the oil & gas market and knowledge exchange, offshore wind, ocean energy and marine bioenergy. A transverse area of work is our ‘Offshore Academy’, a cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology with the goal of strengthening relations between industry and academia.

OffshoreVäst is expected to create strategic cooperation between actors within research, industry, government and politics to enable greater possibilities for an innovation system within the offshore sector, which can then be developed and bear fruit for a long time. Experience exchange and knowledge transfer between sectors is a vital factor for innovation and continued development.

OffshoreVäst started back in 2013 and is currently in its second phase. Despite being based in Västra Götaland on the Swedish west coast, OffshoreVäst includes representation from several other Swedish regions, as well as international collaboration within research and commercialization. We encourage and support national cooperation regarding current and future challenges. OffshoreVäst is also making sure to promote, and with the help of RISE, support Swedish actors. A clear example of this is our network Ocean Energy Sweden which gathers the Swedish value chain active in the ocean energy segment.


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RISE role in project

RISE is hosting and coordinating the project as well as leading some of the jointly developed projects.

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Total budget

13,2 MSEK, Funded by Västra Götaland, members and the participants' own efforts. A total budget of 12,5 Million SEK


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Västra Götalandsregionen

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
14. Life below water
Sara Skärhem

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Sara Skärhem

Senior Projektledare

+46 10 516 57 55

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