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Metrology for hydrogen vehicles

Hydrogen vehicles are now available to purchase from automobile manufacturers. The development of the hydrogen economy is still young but several countries are aiming to employ sizable hydrogen fuelling infrastructures over the next decades.

Aim and goal

The EMPIR Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles will be the first large scale project that will tackle the 4 measurement challenges that currently prevent the industry from meeting requirements set by International Standards such as flow metering, quality control, quality assurance and sampling.


It is not possible to accurately calculate the amount of hydrogen dispensed when filling hydrogen into a vehicle and no laboratory in the world can currently perform all the measurements under accreditation required to meeting the hydrogen purity specifications. Online instruments have not yet been validated. There are no verified techniques that can be followed or validated sampling vessels available to insure that the sample sent to the lab is representative of the hydrogen dispensed.


The solution is to develop a metrological framework for all aspects mentioned above:  for testing hydrogen meters used to measure the mass of hydrogen, to develop traceable offline analysis methods, to validate continuous online hydrogen purity analysers and to develop robust protocols for taking a representative sample of the station.


The project will solve challenges that currently prevent the hydrogen industry from performing measurements that are required by International Standards and are mandatory by EU Directive 2014/94/EU.


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