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Waste Refinery - a strategic network for resources from waste

We are a strategic network that works for efficient resource management of waste streams. Actors within private and public activities, academia and the sphere of authority as well as interest organizations are welcome as members.

The purpose of the network is to strengthen sustainable waste management.

Waste Refinery is a strategic network where ideas are born from the members' needs, materialized through collaboration and result in creative solutions. The members' complementary knowledge and resources guarantee a multifaceted perspective with a focus on the whole. Benefits are created for members by, for example, monitoring important announcements, acting as an influence channel for public research funds, supporting applications, initiating projects and feasibility studies, holding thematic member meetings to discuss important development efforts and priorities in the area, spreading knowledge and encouraging cooperation through various activities, actively monitor and disseminate information within the subject area.

Three areas of knowledge are in focus: systems analysis, biological and thermal processes. The overall goal is to work for efficient and sustainable resource management of waste streams, with regard to economic as well as health and environmental effects for society.

The aim is to strengthen the area of ​​sustainable waste management by attracting public funds to the area, contributing with knowledge-raising activities and simplifying collaboration and testbed environments.

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Waste Refinery

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Membership and fee

The network is aimed at private and public companies, stakeholders in academia and the government sphere, as well as interest organisations.

The membership fee is SEK 35,000 per year, but SEK 17,500 for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Members in research and development instead have a financial commitment that corresponds to an in-kind effort of 32 person-hours annually.

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