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RISE expertise throughout the value chain for sustainable protein

Due to climate and health aspects there is an increasing interest to switch to a more sustainable production and consumption of proteins. RISE wants to contribute to this development, for example, by developing new products from sustainable protein. Come to us with your organization's idea or challenge, together we can produce tomorrow's food based on sustainable proteins.

RISE has broad expertise and solid infrastructure throughout the circular value chain for sustainable proteins; from production of raw material, through protein extraction and designing functional ingredients to product optimization and finally consumption. Thus, RISE takes a holistic approach to sustainable protein production and together with our customers and partners we can achieve new innovations from vegetable, aquatic or single cell proteins as well as proteins from by-products.

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Specific task or long-term partner

RISE's strength is that we combine in-depth expertise throughout the different steps of the value chain and together we can offer both minor pre-studies as well as multistep approach and up-scaling. This means that you can consult RISE for a specific task, or we can work as a long-term partner throughout your innovation process.

Problem solver for small and large companies

RISE works with both small start-up companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, SME, as well as multinational corporations. Our customers also include the public sector, manufacturers of dietary supplements, feed manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies.

Welcome to RISE with your problem or idea – together we will find the way forward.

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