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Fredrik Fogelberg


Tel +46 10 516 69 08


Location Uppsala

Unit Jordbruk och trädgård II (101202)

ORCID 0000-0001-6585-008X

I am M Sc in horticulture and have a doctor degree in agricultural engineering. At RISE I have a permanent position as researcher within the chain cropping - harvest - feed/food. The focus is on legumes and their use as feed and food, including development of new legumes based foods such as beverages, cheese/meat replacements. Another topic is weed control in agriculture and on hard surface areas. Crisis preparedness in agriculture is a new topic that I have started to build with colleagues within RISE and in coopeartion with Swedish and international competence.

Key words: beans, legumes, weed control, railways, cropping of new species and cultivars, horticultur, vegetables, crisis preparedness, Nordic-Baltic cooperation in agriculture