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Production conversion - total defense

During times of crisis and war, our society faces new challenges. Among other things, we need to find an alternative supply of products in health care.

The need for alternative supply was made clear during Covid-19 when Sweden urgently needed to develop more products in the healthcare area.

Swedish companies converted their production

Several Swedish companies were able to convert their production relatively quickly to meet society's new needs during the pandemic. On several occasions, RISE was able to support the companies with their production conversion. This not only concerned the production conversion itself. It also included surrounding services such as support in testing, verification of products, and requirement specifications adapted to the situation that arose.

The Swedish manufacturing industry is well developed

Sweden has a well-developed and competent manufacturing industry. This gives the country great opportunities for production conversion. But for production conversion to work practically, support and guidance are needed in the switch to producing new types of products. This is where RISE contributes to accelerating the transition. This is done with our broad expertise in consulting, coaching, and our test and demo environment.

Strategies and preparation are required

At RISE, we develop strategies and prepare for Sweden to change its production in the event of a crisis or ultimately in war. By doing this, we can produce goods that are crucial for the country's livelihood.

RISE contribution in production conversion

In addition to RISE being able to contribute and participate in production conversion, we also have extensive experience in preventive work and have contact with producers in health and medical care along the entire value chain.

RISE support in production adjustment

Within production conversion and flexible production, RISE can support the following:

  • Materials, material development, and production methods
  • Product design and material selection as well as material replacements in the event of a supply shortage
  • Manufacture of spare parts and alternative components through additive manufacturing
  • Prototyping through additive manufacturing
  • Test and demonstration facilities in production
  • Evaluation of products
  • Contact healthcare providers for verification of use
  • Guidance on regulations
  • Quality, cost, and environmental assessments
  • Guidance on supplier selection criteria
  • Methods of cleaning, sterilization, and packaging
  • Production system development
  • Development of organizational ability, business development, and strategies
  • Crisis and innovation management

RISE supports both prevention and emergency

RISE contributes to work with standards, method development, and certification of finished products. We have a large network of contacts in both the private and public sectors, including contacts with relevant authorities. In addition to working with preventive support and coaching, we contribute with practical expertise in emergencies.

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