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Martin Kurdve


Tel +46 10 228 47 39


Location Mölndal

Unit Produktion och arbetsmiljö (513402)

ORCID 0000-0001-9068-3527

Martin Kurdve works with research and business development, and transformation to sustainable production systems and circular economics. With nine years at Volvo Group, but also as a consultant and work in the paper industry, as background, Martin has a solid industry experience. Martin has been at RISE (IVF) since 2011 and has worked in the ProductionLeap as a business coach, researching Green Lean, production system modelling, circular systems and company development.
Martin has a Techn. Lic. in Industrial Environmental Economics from Lund and a Ph.D. in Innovation and Design Technology from Mälardalen University.
Martins expertise involves e.g.sustainable production systems, industrial transformation, sustainability strategy, industrial symbiosis, production logistics, value stream analysis, seamless transport, produktion simulation, systems analysis, lean methods, ecodesign, cirkular economi etc.
He is also currently working part of his time at Chalmers.