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Courses and training

Both the industry sector and society are undergoing rapid and extensive transformation. Climate change and technical development are some of the factors that place new demands on our work force. To tackle the complex, often global, challenges we face, we need to accelerate our ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. RISE supports the industry and society with:

  • Upskilling - Skills enhancement initiatives
  • Reskilling - Skills transformation as part of other transformation processes
  • Newskilling - When we know we need to learn new things but not what, we can partner up and explore it with you

Below you will find our current courses and trainings, based on our research and as always on a scientific basis. For more specific needs, we can tailor a setup to meet the needs of your organization, please contact Sofia Frölander, Victoria Jonasson, Charlotta Schibbye Fredrikson or Johanna Redelius.

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