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Testbed PFAS – Research in two tracks

Collaboration project

Testbed PFAS is a collaborative project between RISE and the Swedish Defense Sector, together with other important stakeholders.

Two research tracks in the project

Testbed PFAS is divided into two parallell tracks, aligned with each other throghout the entire project. 

The research in the first track is focusing on the legacy of previous usage of PFAS. The researchers evaluate different remediation techniques for PFAS-contaminated soil and water. This research is conducted by tests and evaluations of different purification technologies of PFAS. The tests are done in various types of water and soils and evaluated by benchmarking different methods against each other. 

The second research track is focusing on preventing future PFAS-contamination.This is done by finding and evaluating PFAS-free fire fighting methods. Alternative methods and agents, i.e. the PFAS-free fire fighters, need to be as functional and effective as the foams containing PFAS. In other words, to consider the new alternatives to be equivalent, they must extinguish the fire as fast and as complete. 




The research in Testbed PFAS aims to:

  • Build and increase the competence of the authorities/institutes in the area of purification of PFAS and at the area of PFAS-free extinguishing agents.
  • Find results that will form a basis for the authorities’ procurement of purification techniques and new fire extinguishing agents.
  • Contribute to the use of sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

In this article you can read about how partial results in the research in Testbed PFAS already have been of use to the Swedish defence sector.

testbed pfas co-worker hands test
One of the reserchers in Testbed PFAS analyzing soil and water samples.

Läs mer om vad det innebär att testa reningstekniker för PFAS.

Läs mer om vår forskning för att finna alternativa PFAS-fria släckmetoder.

Tillbaka till startsidan för Testbed PFAS.


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