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Testbed PFAS – Partners

Testbed PFAS is a collaboration between RISE and the Swedish Defence Sector.

In the project Testbed PFAS, the Swedish Armed Forces and RISE are working together to find ways to remediate PFAS-contaminated soil and find new PFAS-free extinguishing agents. The project runs for five years and started on 1st January 2020. The background to the project is that fire foam containing PFAS has previously been used in extinguishing liquid fires. Since PFAS are a group of chemicals that are very difficult to decompile, they remain in both water and soil.

The research aims to find ways to purify PFAS-contaminated soil and also seeks to find alternative ways to put out fires without PFASs

Project partners are: 

The Swedish Fortifications Agency (FORTV)

The Swedish Fortifications Agency is a government authority that both owns and manages Sweden's defense properties. It acts on the Swedish government's mission to ensure that the defense sector is in possession of well-functioning facilities, land and premises for its operations. The agency's specialist area is within protection and civil engineering.

The Swedish Armed Forces (FM)

The Swedish Armed Forces is a government authority with military defense and protection of Sweden as its main responsibilities. The authority creates and maintains military capabilities, upholds readiness and conducts operational activities. This within the framework of the authority's tasks and orders.

The Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV)

The Swedish Defence Material Administration is a governmental agency in the field of defence. It procures and develops both equipment and services for the Swedish Armed Forces. Thus it enables the Swedish Armed Forces to maintain and increase its operational capabilities. 

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

RISE is a publicly owned Swedish company that conducts research and technology development in a variety of areas. For instance, RISE has developed a research platform in collaboration with relevant authorities and organizations. The platform is called Tunnel and Underground Safety Center (TUSC) and is used for research and development in fire, risk and safety for underground facilities. RISE has also a competence platform for fortification competence, Center for Fortification Competence (CFORT). CFORT is a collaboration with The Swedish Fortifications Agency.

Testbed PFAS unites key parties regarding PFAS

Through the Testbed PFAS project, important actors and needs owners have joined forces to address the problems caused by previous use of PFAS. The research aims both to find working purification techniques for soil and water as well as to find new PFAS-free ways to extinguish liquid fires.

Testbed PFAS is a priority project, both for the Swedish Armed Forces and at RISE. Already after less than two years of research, certain interim results have been discerned and gained significance when purchasing the Swedish Armed Forces. Read more about how Testbed PFAS results have been able to guide FMV.

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