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Eco-smart and effective cleaning and disinfection

The only test bed in Europe with a holistic approach to the efficiency aspects, as well as the environmental aspects, of cleaning and disinfecting. 

Cleaning Innovation is a test bed for the development of cleaning and disinfection. It provides independent evaluation of technologies, chemicals, materials, equipment and methods.

Among other things, the testbed consists of:

  • Pilot plants for closed and open cleaning/disinfection
  • Technical equipment for flexible pilot plant tests
  • Biofilm reactor
  • Methodology for identifying, tracking and managing biological and chemical dirt
  • Mobile and stationary cleaning facilities
  • Analytical equipment for the characterization of dirt and microbiological biofilm
  • Analytical equipment/methods for micro organisms
  • Methodology for mapping of cost (time, temp, etc.)
  • Graphics software (laser scanning, CAD layout)
  • Software for calculation/simulation of air currents, diffusion, cooling, heating


Testbed name

Cleaning Innovation



Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Energy and Clean Tech, Health and Life Sciences, Food and agriculture


Life Science, Food, Medical devices, Production and manufacturing, Product safety, Climate neutral industry, Infection control, Agriculture, Chemical and biological analysis


Västra Götaland Region

Visiting address Frans Perssons väg 6, 402 29 Göteborg

Birgitta Bergström

Birgitta Bergström

Senior Projektledare

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Lars Hamberg

Lars Hamberg


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