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Cleanability of process equipment

If a process equipment is easily cleaned it will be a big advantage when assuring a hygienic production and minimizing the total cost for use. Getting the equipment clean is as vital as making sure that the cleaning process is not too time consuming.


This is a service provided by the RISE test bed Cleaning Innovation.


Product contact surface - open cleaning or closed (CIP)

In the testbed Cleaning Innovation we can measure and evaluate how much product residues and/or micro organisms that are left after cleaning, disinfection and/or sterilization.

Non product contact surface - outside equipment

Contamination gathering on the outside of the equipment will soon be a quality problem. Cleaning Innovation provides possibilities to evaluate cleanability of the outside of theequipment in our pilot plant.


We offer among others the following services in laboratory or pilot/full scale:

  • Analysis of microbiological cleanliness
  • Test of how the material effects the cleaning result
  • Evaluation of cleanability using model soil
  • Detection and characterisation of residues of soil, allergens and chemicals


Validation of CIP and other cleaning routines.


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