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Training sessions on cleaning

Highly skilled employees are needed in order to meet today's demands for quality assured cleaning of food premises out of an environmental point of view, as well as to maintain product safety. We offer theoretical and practial training sessions on cleaning for food companies.


This is a service provided by the RISE test bed Cleaning Innovation.

After the training session the employees will be able to:

  • Understand the consequences of improper cleaning.
  • Recognize factors impacting the cleaning result.
  • Perform efficient cleaning based on hygiene plans and instructions.
  • Control the results of their own cleaning.
  • Understand the cleaning's effects on environment, and know how to minimize these.
  • Handle chemicals and equipment in a safe manner.
  • Understand how costs can be reduced with efficiency and preserved quality.
  • Minimize the risk of interruptions in the manufacturing process as a result of faulty cleaning.


Cleaning Innovation wants to increase the level and the pride of active cleaners with this education.

The importance of good cleaning and industry requirements in the food industry are the goals!


Participants will recieve diplomas in the form of a course certificate.


Order by contacting Lars Hamberg (see below for contact information).



Training sessions for efficient cleaning processes

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