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Safety and Exposure - Cleaning in Production Units

We offer an multidisciplinary capacity to secure the working environment in connection to cleaning processes in food industry and other industries


This is a service provided by the RISE test bed Cleaning Innovation.


How is the indoor environment effected when the cleaningprocess is modified? How are the workers conditions affected before, after and during the cleaning?


Eco-labelling and safe cleaning - the effect on the workers conditions and the environment?

Evaluation of the working environment, greening the cleaning method and documentation of the effect on the process and products used. Cleaning Innovation can support with measurements, limit the use of hazardous chemicals and document chemical exposure of workers as well ass assesing the environmentalimpact of a process.

Examples of services in environment and cleaning:

  • preparation of instruction manuals and protocols to minimize exposure and secure working environment
  • measurements to asses workers environment
  • evaluation of exposure routes and risk assesment
  • controlling off and setting requirements for protective equipment


Results and conclusions are compiled in a report that is presented at a meeting.


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Safety and Exposure - Cleaning in Production Units

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Production and manufacturing, Testing

Field measurements



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

12. Responsible consumption and production
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