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Cleaning and disinfection - Comparison of techniques

We offer the possibility to compare the effect of your current cleaning and disinfection with new alternatives.


This is a service provided by the RISE test bed Cleaning Innovation.

New technique intended for cleaning and disinfection is continiously developed. But how can a food manufacturer evaluate a new concept without disturbing the production? How can the company be assured that the new technique is as good as or better then their current technique?

In Cleaning Innovation we offer the possibility to perform a two-step independent evaluation and comparision. The result from the study will be a good decision basis for a safer and easier change of technique


Step 1- Gathering of facts and evaluation in model system

Micro organisms from the current production lines is collected as well as data from the companys cleaning control. The information is used to design the model system where the initial evalutation will take place. We identify the demands that have to be fulfilled for the alternative technique to be regarded as good enough. The following factors can be adapted: choice of technique, chemicals, time, temperature, material, soil and micro organsims (pathogens and spoilage flora).

Step 2 - Control and follow up

Given that the efficiency criteria for pass have been fulfilled using the model system in lab/pilotscale a control and follow up of the effect, in full scale at your site, is offered. Sampling of microorganisms on surfaces (swabs for total number, Enterobacteriaceae, yeast or specific pathogenes) and/or in air. Residues of soil on surfaces (ATP, protein) is also gathered and analysed. The samplig is done after the current cleaning/ disinfection procedure and is repeated after having used the alternative technique for a numberof weeks/months.


Results and conclusions are compiled in a report that is presented at a meeting.


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Cleaning and disinfection - Comparison of techniques

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Formulated products, Production and manufacturing, Product safety, Surface technology

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