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Clean - and with a small footprint

By mapping out your cleaning process we identify the most environmentally effective improvement actions.


This is a service provided by the RISE test bed Cleaning Innovation.

By evaluating the environmental impact the most effective improvements can be identified. Improvements that can also save costs in terms of energy, raw materials and recalled products.


Optimise where it pays off

We help you to develop your cleaning process so that it causes minimal environmental impact. In our assessment we take into account impact from producing raw materials, energy, chemicals etc, as well as from handling waste and waste water. We identify which parts of the system are most important to optimise from an environmnetal point of view, and act as support in your development process.

Strengthen your brand

A clear environmental profile is today an important factor for good business. We have worked with quantifying the environmental burden from food production systems for more than 25 years. Over the years we have built up deep knowledge and a unique database. The focus on a product's, or a technology's envrionmnetal performance will increase, for example by the EC initiative on PEF(Product Environmental Footprint). We can help you keep on top of this!


Results and conclusions are compiled in a report that is presented at a meeting.


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Clean - and with a small footprint

Innovation area

Work environment, Circular transition, Climate neutral industry, Chemical processes and products

Field measurements



Price on tender

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Delivery time depends on the complexity of the project.


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Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Pernilla Gervind


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