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Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, is a manufacturing technology that enables a paradigm shift. Given all the advantages that the technology offers, there is huge potential of gaining competitiveness by adopting additive manufacturing.

Advantages of additive manufacturing

The list of advantages includes:

  • Weight reduction
  • Unique designs solutions without added cost
  • Mass customization
  • Disruptive manufacturing
  • Digital warehouses

Aside from the technical benefits, the technology has a measurable contribution to sustainability by reducing the CO2-footprint, through its near-net-shape manufacturing capacity (less material waste), repair (re-use), local manufacturing (reduced need of transportation), and the use of bio-based materials.

Additive manufacturing technologies

There are seven major additive manufacturing technologies according to the ISO/ASTM 52900:2015(en) Additive manufacturing – General principles – Terminology:

  1. Vat Polymerization
  2. Material Extrusion
  3. Powder Bed Fusion
  4. Material Jetting
  5. Binder Jetting
  6. Direct Energy Deposition
  7. Sheet Lamination

Moreover, within each type, 1-7, there are several unique solutions available, which all together come down to about 18 different solution packages provided by a large number of machine vendors. All of them require specific pre- and post-treatment solutions to enable part manufacturing, which is why identifying the right process and optimized value chain for a certain part might get complex and challenging for any company.

The Application Center for Additive Manufacturing helps your company find the right process and technology for your challenges and needs.

Workshops and trainings

  • Introduction to additive manufacturing 
  • Your additive journey 

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