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SLA – Precision 3D printing in plastic

SLA, short for stereolithography, is a 3D printing process where an UV laser creates layer after layer by selectively curing and solidifying a photopolymer resin.

SLA is one of the most common and precise techniques for 3D printing, known for its accuracy and high level of detail. This technology supports a variety of materials, including both rigid and flexible plastics, making it suitable for various industries such as medicine, dentistry, optics, and prototype development.

How it works

The technique involves light projection, typically from a UV laser, onto a liquid containing a photopolymer. When exposed to the light, the polymer liquid cures and solidifies. A platform is subsequently lowered into the liquid, which the cured polymer sticks to. After each layer, the platform is raised a small increment, and the process is repeated layer by layer until the entire object is constructed. After printing, any uncured resin residues are washed away in a Form Wash L-washer and then post-cured in a Form Cure L-curing oven (machine-dependent).

One of the significant advantages of SLA is its precision and high resolution. Although it is possible to create large batches using SLA, it is not the most cost-effective technique for that purpose. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most widely used techniques for 3D printing.

The Application Center for Additive Manufacturing possesses a Form 3L from Formlabs.

Facts about Form 3L 

Manufacturer: Formlabs
Build volume: 335 x 200 x 300 mm
Materials: Standard Resin (Clear, Grey, Black, White, Color kit, Draft), Functional Resin (Durable, Elastic 50a, Flexible 80A, Grey Pro, High Temp, Rigid 4000, Rigid 10k, Tough 2000, Tough 1500, ESD), Casting Resin (Castable Wax, Castable Wax 40)

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