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DED - enabling remanufacturing

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) is an additive manufacturing process in which focused thermal energy is used to fuse powder or wire feedstock materials by melting as they are being deposited. The focused heat source used by this process is commonly a laser beam (LB), electron beam (EB), or arc plasma energy sources. The Application Center for Additive Manufacturing offers DED-LB with powder using a Modulo 400 from AddUp.

DED technique builds the parts in a layer-by-layer manner like other additive manufacturing processes. For conventional DED systems, two- or three-axis systems have a static base plate so that the nozzle moves up when each layer is deposited, which is suitable for repair and adding features. For the five-axis systems like the Modulo 400, nozzle and base are run at the same time and remain independent of each other for manufacturing complex 3D geometry.

Advantages of 5-axis system

DED-LB/P technology with five-axis systems is suitable for manufacturing of large parts for different applications:

  • Repair of worn or deteriorated parts
  • Addition of features (modifying the geometry of an existing part)
  • Metal coating on existing parts (modification of part properties)
  • Near-net-shape component

Two nozzles

The Modulo 400 machine is a DED machine equipped with two nozzles of different sizes and power, that can be switched automatically during a print without stopping production.

  • 10Vx nozzle / 500W, can deposit weld beads 0.8 to 1.2 mm wide, with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.
  • 24Vx nozzle / 2 KW, can deposit weld beads 2 to 2.4 mm wide, with an accuracy of 0.2 mm.
  • The system incorporates a probe which makes adaptive repair applications possible.

Working with reactive powders

The Modulo 400 machine is equipped with an enclosure inerting device, which allows working with reactive powders, allowing producing titanium or aluminium parts.

Facts about Modulo 400

  • Envelope dimensions: 650 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm (X/Y/Z)
  • Manufacturing volume: 104 000 ccm
  • Powder material: Fe-based, Ni-based, Ti-based alloys

Are you interested in learning more about DED, and what we can offer? Please contact us for more information.

Christophe Lyphout
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