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TESTER evaluates powder spreadability for metal AM

The equipment, called TESTER, has been developed by RISE with support from Höganäs and Vinnova.

How does TESTER determine powder spreadability?

TESTER has a powder recoater that can be equipped with a rubber lip (similar to SLM Solutions systems) or a steel blade (similar to EOS systems). The recoater spreads the powder automatically on a platform (125 x 125 mm). Recoater speed, powder layer thickness, and the number of layers can be decided by the operator.

The powder bed density is calculated based on the measurement of the mass of the powder, which has been spread on the platform, and the volume. The volume is calculated from the number of lowering increments and the area of the cavity where the build platform travels.

As illustrated in the figure above, with TESTER the effect of recoater speed and layer thickness on the powder bed density can be measured. Furthermore, the apparatus is also equipped with a digital camera for imaging the powder layer.

With TESTER it is possible to accurately control:

  • powder loading
  • platform lowering increment
  • recoater speed

TESTER spreads powder on a 125 x 125 mm platform with adjustable lowering and speed.

The blade is changeable.

The platform is raised to enable measurement of powder weight.

Which questions can be answered?

TESTER can be used to answer a wide range of industrial and academic questions such as:

  • What is the influence of recoater speed and layer thickness on the powder bed density? How does powder bed density correlate with part quality and strength?
  • What is the effect of powder reuse/recycling on spreadability?
  • What is the effect of powder characteristics (e.g., shape, size distribution, etc) and condition (e.g., huimidity level) on spreadability?

TESTER was developed by Sepehr Hatami and Ola Lyckfeldt.

Please contact us for more information about TESTER.

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