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Marie-Louise Bergholt

Fokusområdesledare för Digitalisering inom industrin/Forsknings- och affärsutvecklare

Tel +46 10 516 60 85


Location Mölndal

Unit Metodik för produktframtagning (513400)

I lead the focus area Digitization in industry within RISE. The focus area works cross-functional and gather a large network of people, competencies and test & demo facilities. When you contact me, I can connect you to the best experts and services depending on your specific needs, eg: Industry 4.0, smart industry, artificial intelligence AI, Internet of things IoT, Industrial IoT IIoT, Operational technologies OT, augmented reality AR, virtual reality VR, additive manufacturing AM, cyber security, connected industry , smart value chains, smart hardware, sensors, data collection, data analysis, big data, smart maintenance or your interest in our researchers and experts in various industries: manufacturing, automotive, process industry, pulp & paper, food, forestry, construction, mining etc. I have extensive experience from the industry on implementing various digital technologies, tools, data management and data-driven working methods. It requires not only "technology" but also the ability to implement, something we work a lot with in the focus area Digitization in Industry.
In parallel with my work with the focus area, I also work with research and business development within the Materials and Production division, the Methods for product development department. Here we also work a lot with the needs of industry, often smaller companies, in their various processes: product development, production, innovation and sustainability work.
The “Produktionslyftet” is an important part of the business together with the substitution center and a wide range of offers around innovation management, capacity for change, sustainability work with tools such as Life cycle assessment LCA and Environmental Product Declaration EPD, as well as AI and data-driven working methods.
We work for a more sustainable industry through more innovation, digitalization and cooperation in ecosystems and value chains.

Feel free to get in touch and I will tell you more!