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About the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing requires new and unique skills that are not easily accessible. This, in combination with the high capital investment that today is attributed with additive manufacturing, limits the spread of the technology. To democratize additive manufacturing, and make it easily accessible to all industrial sectors, regardless of the organizational size, RISE establishes the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing as a independent platform to boost the adoption of the technology in Sweden.

As a research institute, we base everything we do on a scientific basis, which is why our collaboration with academia across Sweden and Europe is of great importance. As a natural next step, our focus is on the transformation of the scientific knowledge into industrial use and implementation, which in many cases is executed together with our industrial partners.

RISE will serve all industrial and public sectors/companies who are interested in learning more about additive manufacturing and evaluate the various solutions to strengthen their market position.


The Application center for additive manufacturing is run by RISE together with the centre's partners and through support from the Västra Götaland region, Vinnova and the European Regional Development Fund. It is physically located at RISE in Mölndal but uses the entire research institute's expertise and knowledge.

Seyed Hosseini

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Seyed Hosseini

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