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Replicable business models for modern rural economies

Rubizmo experts from across Europe will analyse business model successes – and failures – from 100’s of previous European and nationally funded initiatives. By examining these in context of their collaboration and support network, we will identify “hot spots” of business success and share their secrets to be recreated elsewhere.

RUBIZMO’s goal is to generate jobs and growth in highly diverse rural areas by stimulating the large-scale deployment of successful, localised and innovative business models in the food sector, bio-based value chains and eco-system services. This deployment will foster the modernisation and sustainable growth of rural economies while providing significant potential to create added-value, social cohesion and resilience, and contribute to more sustainable use of human and natural resources.


Rural areas are getting depopulated leaving some regions without access to services. Rural areas are however essential to the well-functioning of our societies providing food, bio-based material and other eco-system services. 


Using previous projects and other initiatives which led to innovative and successful businesses to stimulate the replication and upscaling of businesses in rural regions.


Throughout the project, tools for rural entrepreneurship will be developed and used as support for coaching sessions. On the longer term, Rubizmo will host train-the-trainer session to ensure the exploitation of the project results after the end of the project. Moreover, more knowledge about the success factors for rural entrepreneurship related to the business environment and collaborative models will be created. Rubizmo will support the transition toward modern rural economies.

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities
14. Life below water
15. Life on land