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Agriculture of the future now being created

03 June 2019, 14:37

Testbädd digitalt jordbruk

On May 29, RISE inaugurated a test bed for digitised agriculture in Uppsala. The test bed is an arena for the development of and collaboration on new technologies that will contribute to fossil-free, more sustainable and profitable agriculture.

“This is where the digital agriculture of the future will emerge. With connected fields, autonomous electric agricultural machines and advanced systems for data analysis,” says Jonas Engström, Researcher at RISE and project manager for the test bed.

Agriculture is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden after heavy industry and domestic transport. By managing initiatives and electrifying and automating agricultural machinery, greenhouse gas emissions can be greatly reduced. In the future, the machines may also be powered by farm-produced energy. With better decision-making support owing to sensors and data-based analysis systems, the sustainability and profitability of agriculture can be increased, including through smarter use of water and inputs.

“Agriculture takes place in a complex environment where different decisions have a major impact on the outcome, which makes it both difficult and important to work on better decision support for the farmer. We will develop this in the test bed,” says Jonas Engström from RISE.

Examples of data collected include nutrient and moisture content of soil at different depths, local weather, plant conditions via sensors on drones and satellites, and operational data from all machines and tools that operate in the fields. In addition to the data generated directly on the field, data are also collected from surrounding systems such as the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s support system, cultivation recommendations for each crop, and price information from Lantmännen.

With the help of test bed systems, companies and researchers will be able to develop new technologies, new applications, system solutions or completely data-driven innovations. Partners in the test bed are SLU, SMHI, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, LRF, Uppsala Municipality, Lantmännen, Dataplant, Yara, Bayer, Ericsson, Telia, Volvo Penta, LRF Konsult, Intellolabs, Deep Forestry, Solvi and Ecoloop.

For more information please contact:

Jonas Engström, Project Manager at RISE
+46 (0)70 515 5677,


Test beds are an important part of the innovation ecosystem for the efficient development and market introduction of new products, processes and services. Test bed is a collective term for everything from equipment and pilot machines to policy labs, and virtual and exploratory environments with associated expertise for continuous development. Skills, competencies, industries, problem owners and users meet here to jointly develop the innovations of the future. TestbedSweden brings together and presents Swedish test beds and demonstration environments: