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Industrialization and adoption of additive manufacturing

What does industrialization of additive manufacturing mean?

Is it to 1) invest in a printer (any kind) and the associated equipment 2) hire or train operators and designers, and 3) secure the material supply and post-treatment and 4) start the production?

Or is it to 1) set up machinery with everything around it including cyber security, 2) material and product qualifications, 3) digital end-to-end capabilities (PLM, PDM, MES, etc.) , 4) continuous training, education and process optimization, 5) interconnect all the steps along the supply chain and setup departments handling the entire production and the customers care, etc.?

In both cases, we are talking about industrialization, and the difference should be reflected in the customer demands, and both should comply with existing standards and regulations.

However, since there is a lack of standards there are several challenges associated when scaling up, which has resulted in the reduced speed of the adoption of the technology. The lack of standards and defined qualification procedures will result in specific customer / application solutions that need to be verified / validated and certified every time. This is of course a big hurdle as it would require extensive practical work, financing, and time. Today, much of the competence around how to setup a complete and qualified infrastructure is company know-how and difficult to get access to. This is also what differentiates the leading industrial partners using additive manufacturing to strengthen their competitiveness.

Therefore, continuously contributing to various standards and working with stakeholders along the supply chain, including certifying bodies, is important to increase the speed of adoption of the technology across different industrial sectors.

SERVICES: work environment and safety

In work environment and safety, RISE offers expertise in the following areas, where the offer can be adapted to challenges in additive manufacturing.

Risk analysis of AM machinery

Workplace assessment of chemical exposure

Analysis of changes, interaction Human - Technology - Organization

more services

Please contact us if you interested in understanding what industrialization means for your organization and what an uptake of the technology would involve.

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