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Risk analysis of machinery

RISE has a long experience of reviewing and providing guidance in conducting risk analyzes. By taking help from us early in the process, you reduce the risk of ending up at wrong level in this work process.

A Careful risk analysis is essential to identify all hazards and associated hazardous events that may occur in a machine. A detailed risk analysis will also serve as a summarizing document where you can track all the risk mitigation measures built into your design, from mechanical measures to enhanced quality in control systems and important information in user and installation manuals.

Our strength lies in helping you as a customer to structure your risk analysis work. An example of this that may seem simple is what information is to be placed in different columns in the risk analysis, what type of information should be placed under the heading hazard and what type of information should be placed under the heading hazardous event? Often, our work is based on standard EN ISO 12100, which is harmonized with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and which provides guidelines on how to perform a risk analysis for a machine.

Adding a little extra work to a risk analysis gives a lot of back and you increase the likelihood of detecting potentially dangerous hazardous events before they happen.
We at RISE believe that it is you yourself at your company who are experts in your own machines and associated hazards and hazardous events and that our strength is to guide you in how you plan the risk analysis work effectively. Normally, a risk analysis assignment usually involves one or a few visits on site with you as a customer to gain an understanding of your system. Thereafter, it is usually possible to have a follow-up meeting at a distance during ongoing risk analysis work.

By working with RISE, you will gain a partner with solid experience in risk analysis and after completing the assignment, you as a customer should feel that your risk analysis documentation has reached such a level that it provides a good overall picture of all risk mitigation measures implemented in your machine and that this document adds so much that you will actively work on update of risk analysis documentation in future design changes.

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