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Product design and production planning for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing opens for amazing product design solutions that were previously impossible. Before starting the optimization work, it is crucial to identify the goal of that specific product to create a solid foundation for additive manufacturing uptake: does additive manufacturing make sense for manufacturing the given product? This answer must be given for each and every part and be based on both technical and economic viability to enable a sustainable transformation.

Support in optimization

The Application Center for Additive Manufacturing offers services to assist your organization in making informed decisions and gaining full access to experts in various disciplines. These experts can provide valuable guidance in product design, production planning, process optimization, and material selection for specific designs and processes.

Depending on the material and part design there might be a need for process optimization to ensure high-quality throughput, where, for example, the support structure, part orientation, lattice structures and part design need to be analysed and optimized together. To avoid suboptimization and eliminate bottlenecks along the supply chain, it is preferable to consider the limitations within the post-processes such as machining, surface modification, and heat treatment, which could potentially impose additional boundaries onto the design or the supply chain.


Part design and optimization for manufacturing:

  • Design and simulation for additive manufacturing 

File preparation and optimization:

More services are under development.

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