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Nina Bozic

Tel 0722485760

E-post nina.bozic@ri.se

Ort Västerås

Enhet Användarcentrerad digitalisering (102201)


Nina Bozic has a PhD in Innovation and Design and is a senior researcher in Innovation Management and the Future of Work.

Within the field of Innovation Management, she helps organizations develop innovative competences, leadership, and culture. She is also an experienced facilitator of complex innovation and research processes in interdisciplinary and multistakeholder groups, where she is using methodology largely inspired by artistic practices, including embodiment, exploratory artefacts, storytelling, and more. Lately, she has been helping organizations move innovation workshops and processes into the digital realm.

Within the field of the Future of Work, Nina is helping teams and leaders re-think their ways of working in time when work is becoming increasingly digital and remote. She is researching how to build organizations for the future, integrating digital technologies (such as AI, IoT, and XR) with new ways of organizing (based on participation and distributed power), innovative mindset and culture. She has been developing methods for exploring possible futures, shifting the focus from technology as productivity and automation driver towards exploring how technologies can augment humans and support well-being and creativity at work. Through the use of speculative fiction, artefacts from the future, and embodiment of possible future scenarios, managers and employees can re-think how their future organization, jobs and skill-set might look like, what challenges and opportunities they might encounter, and what journeys they need to take to arrive into a desirable future.


Nina has 16 years experience working as an innovation enabler and explorer both in companies and public sector organizations. She started her career as a management consultant at Deloitte and then built and run the centre for entrepreneurship and executive development CEED Slovenia. After moving to Sweden she continued her work as an innovation consultant and pursued a PhD in Innovation and Design. She has been working with organizations, such as Nacka, Eskilstuna and Västerås municipalities, ABB, Electrolux, Ericsson, GodEl and others.