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Plant-based protein isolates with low sodium content for healthy food

This project brings together novel process development and meal formulations to produce healthier, more sustainable, and palatable plant-based meals that fulfil the criteria for “nyckelhålet” and comply with EU low sodium claim level. 

The project's goal is to develop methods to produce protein isolate from peas with a low sodium and low anti-nutrients content. The protein isolates are used for the production of plant-based foods that are tasty and healthy. The project is addressing public meals, which is an excellent platform since more than three million public meals are served in Sweden every day. Thus, there is great potential for making a large and long-lasting impact on society.

Production strategies that minimise the use of sodium-based chemicals will be developed to ensure the produced protein isolates have a low content of sodium and reduced anti-nutrient content while maintaining a high protein recovery yield.  After scaling up the optimized manufacturing process, isolates are produced which are then extruded into meat analogues. The functionality of the isolates and meat analogues is evaluated with chemical and physical analyses.

Attention is paid to the sensory qualities of the protein ingredients and products due to the change in salt content, and strategies to ensure consumer liking of low salt meals using these products will be developed. The developed meals will be examined with consumers in a relevant public setting to examine the implications of low salt initiatives in plant-based products. 

In addition, the production process will be assessed on a life-cycle basis to examine the sustainability of the newly developed process. The impact of reduced salt consumption in plant-based diets will also be assessed from a nutritional perspective accounting for wider societal impacts.

The work contributes with positive effects on the environment, public health and economy:

  • Lower climate impact through increased consumption of tasty and sustainable foods based on plant proteins.
  • Improved public health through a reduced intake of both salt and substances that inhibit the absorption of important minerals.
  • Strengthening the Swedish food system and its supply readiness through domestic cultivation and production of plant proteins.


Project name

Low sodium pea protein isolates




Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget



Lantmännen ekonomisk förening, Livekindly Collective AB, Jönköpings Kommun



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
Joshua Mayers

Contact person

Joshua Mayers


+46 10 516 53 18

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