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Cybersecurity for developers
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Cyber security training for developers

Cyber security for developers - learn how to develop secure systems and applications by understanding the threats. The course aims to provide hands-on experience with the methods and tools hackers use to gain access to systems and services.

Participants learn about key concepts in cybersecurity and how they can test their own systems to detect vulnerabilities. Through the use of virtual networks, participants can experience both sides of a cyber attack in an authentic environment without putting real systems at risk. The course includes individual and collaborative challenges that put participants in a good position to respond to a cybersecurity attack. The practical exercises together with theoretical background provide a deeper understanding of different security risks and how to avoid them. We offer a safe and secure environment where participants can ask questions and discuss security challenges, both within their own organisation and society at large.

Listen to Shahid Raza, Head of Cyber Range, talk about the Cyber Range,


Two full days, 09:00 –16:00


The training is delivered in the state-of-the-art RISE Cyber Range, a secure training and research facility located in Kista, Stockholm.


16.000 SEK per participant (limited to 16 participants) ex VAT.

Target demographic

Developers of connected systems and applications.


  • Better understanding of cybersecurity among developers
  • Awareness of the causes behind common vulnerabilities
  • Better understanding of hacking methods and tools
  • Practical experience responding to cybersecurity incidents


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    The course can also be given on request for larger groups. Contact us for more information.

    Course type


    Course format


    Course hours

    Two days 09:00-16:00

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    7-8 november 2023
    07 Nov 2023 - 08 Nov 2023
    16000 SEK (excluding VAT)
    16 out of 16
    21-22 november 2023
    21 Nov 2023 - 22 Nov 2023
    16000 SEK (excluding VAT)
    16 out of 16
    5-6 december 2023
    05 Dec 2023 - 06 Dec 2023
    16000 SEK (excluding VAT)
    16 out of 16
    Gustav Mideus

    Gustav Mideus

    Forskningsingenjör, Centrum för cybersäkerhet

    Gustav har en bakgrund inom datateknik och arbetar inom cybersäkerhetsenheten på RISE. I rollen som etisk hackare har han mycket teknisk kompentens med erfarenhet som penetrationstestare och vet hur digitala attacker går till i praktiken. I sin roll som utbildningsledare för RISE Cyber Range har han god erfarenhet av utbildningar inom cybersäkerhet.

    • Cyber security concepts
    • Reconnaissance
    • Remote Code Execution
    • File upload security
    • Password cracking
    • Database injections
    • Cross-site scripting
    • Connected device security
    Shahid Raza


    Shahid Raza


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